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Celebrate in Color

Whether your wedding will be held on a sunny spring morning or a crisp fall evening, the color palette you choose will be at the heart of many wedding decisions. With an unlimited array of color combinations available, it is best to narrow down color choices that appeal to you and your fiancé early in the planning process. It goes without saying that finalizing your color palette is a “must” before moving forward on a wide array of your planning decisions. Color scheme plays a role in endless aspects of your wedding style, including paper goods, bridesmaid dresses and florals — just to name a few. To make the task a bit less daunting, we have put together a few tips that will help you navigate through the broad spectrum of beautiful hues. Whether you lean towards pretty pastels, classic neutrals or the occasional splash of bold color, read on for some helpful tips to consider.

As you begin your search for the perfect venue, keep in mind your desired color palette. Some venues are very neutral and can accommodate any color scheme easily; however, other venues might impart a more distinctive sense of color and style. If you find the perfect venue, yet it doesn’t seem to mesh with your desired color palette, consider adjusting your color selections to avoid competing palettes.

Keep your leading ladies and gents in mind when picking your color scheme. Your bridal party will be wearing these colors for the entire day, moments that will be immortalized on film, so you want them to look and feel their best. Remember that there are many hues to each color, so a fail-safe plan is to select one or more variations of a color for your bridesmaid dresses. When it comes to the other half of your wedding party, consider all of the available menswear choices, which have grown considerably in recent years. There are many colors and styles to choose from across all types of menswear — from formal to semi-formal to casual attire. 

Your color palette is also a key element in your floral design, table decorations and other wedding décor details. Choosing a unique color combination that may not be readily available in florals, linens or other décor elements can limit your ability to mix and match the exact tone of your colors. This challenge can also create additional stress throughout the entire planning process. So give thoughtful consideration to availability when reaching your final color-palette decision.

If you are not naturally drawn to certain colors, no worries. Get inspired by the season! Once you choose the date for your big day, use seasonal inspiration to help develop your color palette by simply letting nature be your guide. Often you will see pastels paired with neutrals in the spring, whereas summer weddings lend themselves towards a pop of bright color. Warm harvest tones are ideal to accentuate the beauty of fall in the Midwest. Have your sights set on a winter wedding? You will find shades of white and gray pair beautifully with rich winter greens, reds or deep purples. Allow nature’s beauty to bring out the perfect color combination for you!

It’s easy for brides to get caught up in following the latest color trends even when they do not fit well with their personal taste. Remember that this day is about expressing the personality and preferences of YOU — the wedding couple. Choose a color scheme that is an expression of your style. Since your color palette will dictate many wedding-planning decisions, don’t make it too complicated. Limit your palette to only two or three colors and remember that not every little detail of the wedding has to be the “perfect” shade. Relax and let the colors you choose enhance your day and guide you through the wedding-planning process with ease. |NWD|