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Inspired Collaboration

While selecting your wedding vendors is a crucial step in the planning process, it also can be great fun imagining the possibilities with these planning partners. With all that is to be considered, it is easy to forget about asking key questions or expressing whatever concerns you may have. When meeting with a vendor, always bring along information about the basics of your wedding plans (date, time, locations) and keep an open mind to any suggestions your vendors may have. We have laid out some simple tips for ensuring you have a successful meeting with each of your wedding professionals.

No doubt you have ripped pages from your favorite bridal magazines or scoured the web to save images of your favorite wedding gowns. If you have a certain designer in mind, research where that line is sold. You will want to keep those images handy for your visit to a bridal salon. However, keep in mind that your favorites may change once you begin to try on dresses. You will see how flattering certain styles look on you. Tap into years of valuable expertise by telling the bridal consultant your wishes, allowing them to incorporate those wishes into your wedding dress selection whenever possible. They are knowledgeable on brands, fabrics and silhouettes, offering great advice and options to create your unique and stunning bridal look. 

Whom to Bring
Your bridal gown selection process is often the most sensitive and special time during your wedding-planning process. You may have dreamt of your wedding gown for years, but here is where your dreams meet reality. Just remember the importance of feeling stunning, yet comfortable in the gown you select. By only inviting one or two close friends or family members to your appointment, you will feel more at ease. We suggest bringing your mother, sister or maid of honor with you as they know your style and comfort level. They can also gently remind you of your price point. Avoid bringing any small children, as they may distract you from the task at hand.

Be Upfront
While absolutely loving your final selection is a top priority, a critical consideration is staying within budget. Always be honest with your bridal consultant about your price point. She will be able to select gowns without breaking the bank or breaking your heart. Also, be upfront with your style and fashion preferences. If you dreamt of an all lace trumpet silhouette, tell your bridal consultant that lace is very important to you. She will appreciate your honesty when pulling gowns for you to try on. But also remember to give other styles a try. Wedding dresses usually look very different on your body than they do on the rack. Stay open minded during the selection process. Even if you try on a dress that is not really you, it will ultimately give you greater confidence about your final selection.

What to Wear
Nude undergarments are always encouraged when trying on bridal gowns. They are not distracting and look the best under any sheath gowns. Also, wearing your makeup and doing your hair will allow you to feel more confident and comfortable when trying on dresses. If you have any heirloom sashes, broaches or other items you wish to incorporate into your gown, bring them along as well. 

Finalizing your décor and floral designs often is one of the most difficult areas of wedding planning for many brides. After dreaming of your perfect wedding, it becomes challenging to commit to ideas and designs, fearing you may change your mind. Keeping an open mind to suggestions made by the floral designer and event planner will allow you to create a wedding day exactly how you pictured it —often times better!

Selecting a Designer
It is nearly impossible to compare floral designers side-by-side without asking very detailed questions regarding supplies and labor. When interviewing floral designers, be upfront about your budget and what elements are important to you. Keep an open mind to their ideas and vision; trust in their knowledge and expertise as designers. They know what type of flowers will be in season, what will last through your wedding day and they will have fresh ideas and designs that you may love. The best designers work within your vision to create your perfect day. Remember, you are not paying for just a floral designer, but rather you are paying for an event-design partner who will help formulate your entire wedding-day décor. 

What to Bring
As always, arrive prepared with your wedding details in hand. Gather information beforehand about what is available to use at your ceremony and reception sites. Have a ballpark budget in mind to share with your floral designer during the first consultation and stay true to that figure. This allows your designer to offer options on how to create your ideal arrangements within budget. Also bring along any images of floral arrangements and bouquets so your designer can gain a sense of your taste. Come prepared to discuss what you like about each image so the designer can pick up on any trends or styles you favor. Remember to focus on the overall look you wish to impart, rather than the specific flower. This will dramatically expand options for the designer to create what you truly desire, all within your budget. |NWD|