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Relaxed & Radiant

Once the budget, venue and vendors are decided, you can move on to selecting the final details of your menu, flowers, décor and most importantly, your look. Enjoy this amazing time during your wedding-planning process! Between follow-up phone calls, dress fittings and finishing up handcrafted details, you may likely be distracted from your hair and makeup for the big day. So, rather than considering your beauty consultations as simply items to check off your list, use them as a time to relax and be pampered by the professionals. When deciding on hair and makeup styling, remember that your groom fell in love with YOU — he wants to see YOU walking down the aisle, not someone he hardly recognizes. By implementing a few easy suggestions, not only will you be well-prepared for these sessions, you will truly enjoy them!

When approaching your wedding makeup, remember that less is more. Your wedding day is not the time to try a new smoky eye shadow or bright red lip color if you've never worn these dramatic looks before. Your makeup artist will get a great read on your beauty routine, if you follow these few steps. It is important to show your true self on your wedding day, rather than introducing a new alter ego.

On the day of your consultation, wear your everyday makeup to your appointment. Your makeup artist will see how much makeup you wear on a day-to-day basis and she can discuss with you any features you might like to accentuate. If your daily routine includes only wearing concealer and mascara, discuss some neutral eye shadow colors and light lip gloss options. If you love to wear eyeliner and darker shades, your makeup artist will see that you do not shy away from a bold look. She can consider this when discussing options for the day of your wedding.

Bring a few inspiring images with you, such as photos of celebrities or Pinterest finds. Do not hesitate to pick and choose certain elements from the images! Explain what you like and do not like about each. You may love the rosy cheeks on one and a full lash line on another. Most women have a difficult time describing their makeup wishes, so bringing along an image or two can illustrate for your makeup artist what look you would like to achieve on your big day!

The best way to test the longevity of your makeup and to fully enjoy your consultation is to plan an evening out with friends or go on a date with your fiancé that evening. This will not only serve as a test to see if you love sporting those false lashes for a few hours, but you will enjoy an extended wear time, giving you a feel for your makeup. Snapping a few images of yourself is also a great way to see how comfortable you feel with the results. You want your makeup to look flawless, all the while highlighting your gorgeous features. Be certain to take note of any changes you would like to make after this test.

Much like your makeup, your wedding-day hairstyle should be comfortable and reflect your personality and fashion sense. Your fiancé fell in love with you and expects to see your radiant self walking down the aisle without a last-minute bang cut or extra-long extensions. Be true to yourself and wear your hair in a style that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Many hair stylists will agree that your “day-after” hair is typically the best to style. By not arriving with freshly-washed, squeaky-clean hair, your stylist will have some texture and body to work with. As always, when scheduling your consultation, ask your stylist for his/her preference.

Since most salons are smaller spaces, it can quickly become distracting and intimidating for a stylist to practice your wedding-day style with a crowd surrounding the chair. By only bringing one or two guests, you will relieve the stress and boost the enjoyment factor of your session. Remember this is a practice run-through. While you should be very satisfied with your bridal hairstyle before leaving the salon, it is not the time to obsess over every bobby pin in your updo. Focus on (a) how comfortable you feel with the style, (b) how long the look will last throughout the day and into the evening and (c) if you have any desired changes such as more or less volume or curl. 

If you plan to wear a veil or other hair accessory, don’t forget to bring it along to your consultation. Allowing your stylist to practice with the piece in advance will ensure that the appointment on your wedding day will be a breeze. Plus, you will have the chance to try different positions for your veil or accessory and then snap a few photos of these looks to decide which you prefer. 

If it does not work into your schedule to plan your makeup and hair consultations back-to-back, at a minimum wear your everyday makeup to your hair consultation. Wearing makeup to your hair appointment will allow you to feel more comfortable visualizing your final bridal look and your hairstylist can then consider your personal beauty routine when styling your hair. |NWD|